Express for Restaurants

Take in food orders online and prepare them in store for customer pick up. With Gallant Express for Restaurants, it's as simple as having the customer order it online and you making it. Increase revenue with an online food ordering system. Starting from $599 $399 (33% Off).

Express for Retail

Gallant Express for Retail makes online stores a breeze. Have your customers order online, and either pick up in store or get it shipped to them. It's as simple as that. Starting from $599 $399 (33% Off).


Get your website built your way. Gallant WebMaster allows you to build and edit your website from anywhere in the world, 24/7. Bring more customers in by having a unique web presence created by you. Starting from $299 $199 (33% Off).

Online Stores

Sell products online with an online store built by us. By using our custom online storefront software, you and your business can increase sales and revenue by expanding to the expansive online marketplace. Starting from $599 $399 (33% Off).

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Intern Pro

Managing internships & apprenticeships for your institution is as simple as a few clicks with Gallant Intern Pro. Starting from $799.

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WordPress Installations

WordPress is an easy to use CMS (Content Management System) for easily building websites, blogs, and online stores without programming. Starting from $299.

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Custom Websites

Any kind of website that you need for your business, we can make. We make it simple to get a custom website built for you and your business. Starting from $499.

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Custom Apps

Depending on what your business does, a mobile app can help create more business and revenue. No matter how large the project, Gallant Media can make it work at a fair price. Starting from $499.

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Next Steps

If you are interested in having a website built or having a custom piece of software put together, visit our contact page to get a quote. Baseline prices are available on our respective services pages.